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Although the World Cup has started slow, we've already seen some exciting games and beautiful goals. The recent game between Argentina and South Korea is a good example of that. Now you can watch the goals and follow the updates of the World Cup and the results of the Best Soccer Fan sweepstakes on our Facebook fan page.

We already uploaded couple fun links where you can watch a fun representation of England vs United States game in Lego style, the hat trick of Gonzalo Higuain and an interactive calendar of all games, teams.

In the meantime the competition on the Best Soccer Fan Sweepstakes is heating on as well. US fans still lead but Brazil and German fans are following closely. England and Argentina are on the fourth and fifth place respectively currently. Spread the word out with your friends and country man to increase your chances of putting your country on top and enjoying extra savings on all calls made to that country for the whole month of August. 



Enter Best Soccer Fan Sweepstakes and Earn Free Calls for a year

 The World Cup started. This one is historic because it is the first one in Africa, what an excitement for African nations. 

It is always fun to share the enjoyment of this simple but so powerful game. 

Fans all over the world started the debate already about who will win the World Cup this year and also which country has the most passionate fans! 

We wanted to contribute to this fun month by organizing a sweepstakes for all soccer fans. Entering is easy, all you do is to provide your contact information so we can inform you if you win and also select your favorite country that has the best soccer fans. 

There are couple prizes. First, the big prize is that you will get $500 worth of Free International Calling Card from Tel3 Advantage. There will be 9 lucky winners for this prize! But even if you don't win the big prize, you can still get the benefit of voting for your favorite country, because we will decrease the rate of the country that gets the most votes by 10% for the entire month of August. So, share this fun sweepstakes with your friends and family to increase your chances of getting the discount.

06-14-10-Chart You can follow up the updated standings of the votes on our website or Facebook fan page. The results are updated daily, so the more you spread the word out the better your chances. On the right, you can see the current standings as of June 14th.  

Sharing is simple. You can either let your friends know about the website:, or share it on Facebook and/or Twitter as you like. Once you complete the entry form, we will give you all the options to spread the word out. 

If you are new to Tel3 Advantage, we would recommend you to enter the promo code that you see on this page so you can get exclusive signup offers directly from Tel3 Advantage. If you don't see any promo code on this page, please search for promo code tel3advantage on the website or visit one of our agent's website to get one. 

The sweepstakes will be open until July 11th, and the drawing will be conducted on July 14th. We will inform the winners on this website and also reach them one by one by the contact information provided.

So, good luck and enjoy the World Cup.



Happy Mother's Day!

MomMother's Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world and it is important to honor the person who makes the little things happen for us in our world every single day. To stay in touch with your mom during the Mother's Day and throughout the year Tel3Advantage launched it's "Double the Free Minutes" promotion.

Watch our short video for more information about great features of Tel3Advantage and SIGNUP NOW to get DOUBLE FREE MINUTES.


New models and new features available for TEL3 Apps

We have recently updated our TEL3Dialer app for iPhone with new features that allow you to sync your speed dial list with your phone and set up alternative access numbers.

We've also updated our SmartPlug compatibility list to include more BlackBerry models. So if your BlackBerry phone was not compatible before, please check our compatibility list again. Also, in case you have changed your Blackberry we support many other phone models. Click here to see our updated list.

Already have a TEL3App on your phone?

If you're using TEL3Dialer for iPhone
Visit the Apple App Store (via iTunes or your iPhone) to update the TEL3Dialer application.

If you're using SmartPlug for BlackBerry
Click on the TEL3 SmartPlug settings icon, then select the update button.

BlackBerry users please note: The most current version supported is OS v.4.7.

Are you new to TEL3Apps?

  1. Simply visit Tel3Apps page,
  2. Click on "Download TEL3 apps" and select your phone type (iPhone or CellPhone)
  3. Check phone compatibility and download.

Save with the SMSavings Club!

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New Rate Decrease for China

Chinaflag-pic In an effort to provide our customers with the most competitive rates in the industry, Tel3Advantage has lowered its rates for China making us #1 in the market for this highly demanded destination. This is the perfect time of the year to provide our customers with the lowest most cost effective rates available.

China new rate: 1.32 cents/minute.

With our new lowered rates for China you'll save 22% compared to the old rate of 1.7 cents/minute.

Happy Holidays!


Special Holiday Sign Up Promotion: Double Free Minutes


During this Holiday season, whenever you sign up for a new TEL3 Account you will receive DOUBLE minutes added to your account for FREE!

Who couldn’t use a little more time to talk to their friends, family and loved ones?

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Special sign up promotion: Double Free Minutes

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$100.00 $9 $18 473 946
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*Based on local access domestic rate

How to save even more with the new TEL3Advantage Savings program?

Features-recharge Everything is about communication and innovative technology with the lowest rates nowadays! Because we are aware that saving money is important and would like to show our appreciation to you our loyal customers: we have created TEL3Advantage Savings Program.

 With this program, you will continuously receive offers and event codes via e-mail or text message which you will be able to redeem on your recharges thru your back office or by contacting our customer service department. Yes you heard right! Now you can recharge your account from your back office too. The recharge promotions and its offers will vary depending on the occasion. 


Furthermore opting in to SMSavings Club is very easy, just text "JOIN" to TEL3Advantage SMS number or "STOP" to opt out whenever you want. All you have to do is to make sure your phone number is registered as Instant Access Number so we can identify your account. You can also login to your back office to opt in and out from the SMSavings Club.

You will never miss any savings opportunity with TEL3Advantage.

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Double Free Minutes On Sign Up

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey It is the time to give thanks and express gratitude in general. Many of us will be with friends and family during this Thanksgiving but some of us may not have this opportunity for various reasons. Because TEL3Advantage is dedicated to making Long Distance Local and knows that Thanksgiving Day is a day to remember and express gratitude towards loved ones; we are offering double the free minutes between November 19th-30th 2009 for new sign ups.

By signing up for TEL3Advantage you will not only receive double the free minutes but also take advantage of various features TEL3Advantage offers.

Use from any Phone

Dial-Free Calling enabled

Monitor your Savings

We're always working hard to provide you with the lowest rates available so you can enjoy keeping in touch with your friends and relatives. Please enjoy our low rates during this holiday season.

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Now you can sync your SpeedDial list with your iPhone

Tel3Dialer's new version 1.2 is here! There are couple of exciting new features added that we believe is going to help you a lot;

  • Setting up alternative Access Numbers: This was one of the most requested feature and it is now available. You can set up your access number either as a Local Access Number or Toll Free and also change your location based on where you are making the call from. As always, there are no rate differences when using any access number from this App; you set it up once and start dialing directly while enjoying the savings.
  • Sync option for Speed Dial lists with iPhone: You've asked and we've listened. We know that many of you have hundreds of people on your contact list and would love to have a kind of "favorites" list on your iPhone just for your international calls that you can easily dial to. You can now use your existing Speed Dial list on your back office in TEL3 and sync it with your iPhone with a touch of a button. If you want to add more friends to your Speed Dial list, it is very easy, just login to your TEL3 account and save your changes. You can again sync your new list on the iPhone. This is yet another significant benefit for iPhone users.
  • Pin dialing: This is also handy if you don't want to go to your TEL3 page to update your instant access number. Now you can add your account number and pin directly on the Tel3Dialer App and the App will do the rest as usual.
The Tel3Dialer App is free and now version 1.2 is available on iTunes for you to download.

New Rate Decreases

We know that saving money is very important nowadays that is why Tel3Advantage has lowered the rates to 46 regions. Our competitive rates, quality and continuous excellence in customer service are what keep us ahead of the competition. Listed below are Tel3Advantage's new lower rates to the following destinations, making Tel3Advantage #1 in the market for these destinations!

New Rates_edited