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July 20, 2010

How can speed dial help you?

For many of us remembering the phone numbers is a hassle. It is no coincidence that we have problems with calling cards when making a call, because there are too many numbers to remember and enter to make one simple call. It is not just the remembering part, it is also the time and effort we spend on the phone just to start talking to our loved ones that makes us impatient. 

However there are couple simple solutions to that with Tel3Advantage plans which sets us apart from other regular calling cards. One of them is that you can register your frequently called numbers with Tel3Advantage and assign speed dial numbers to them. The next time you make a call to your friend, instead of entering 11 digit phone number all you do is enter speed dial number with a pound sign (e.g. 1#) and our platform will automatically call your pre-set destination number saving you time and effort.

Would you like to learn more about the speed dials and how to set them up in 10 seconds? Watch our short videos.  

Simplicity meets Savings.

  short videos about speed dial feature



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