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July 06, 2010

Call your friends' phone in Germany and talk over 8 hrs for only $10.

Germany-flag With only 2 cents a minute rate, you can talk 500 minutes to call any land-line phone in Germany Berlin with Tel3 Advantage. Actually not only to Berlin, but to most of the major cities in Germany, you can directly call from any phone within US and Canada. For Stuttgart and Wiesbaden, the rate is even cheaper: 1.5 cents a minute. 

Unlike other calling card companies, there is no extra hidden fees or frustration due to entering so many numbers like account number, pin and destination number. Register your phone number once with Tel3, plus add your favorite frequently called numbers to your account, you are good to go! Put the access number as #3 in your speed dial list on your phone (so you never forget, tel3 refers to speed dial #3 on your phone), then you will be connected to our platform automatically and will be asked to enter your destination number. Again, just press '1#' and you will be connected to your loved one (we assume that your number 1 person on the speed dial list is your most frequently called number and even maybe your loved cousin in Germany :))

To make your life easier, you will hear a prompt before every one of your calls that tells you how many minutes you have left on your account. No surprises and frustrations after the fact.

It is the best time for Germans now to pursue the biggest dream every four years in the World Cup. Semi finals will be tough but it is what German engineers loves as always, accomplishing tough tasks. Remember by entering the 'Best Soccer Fans' sweepstakes you can have a chance to win free calling to Germany for the whole year (there will be nine lucky winners), or if Germany shows up on top of the sweepstakes voting, you will even get 10% extra credit for every minute you call any phone in Germany during August. Enjoy and good luck to 'die deutsche Nationalmannshaft'.




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