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June 17, 2010

Follow us on Facebook for World Cup updates and videos

Although the World Cup has started slow, we've already seen some exciting games and beautiful goals. The recent game between Argentina and South Korea is a good example of that. Now you can watch the goals and follow the updates of the World Cup and the results of the Best Soccer Fan sweepstakes on our Facebook fan page.

We already uploaded couple fun links where you can watch a fun representation of England vs United States game in Lego style, the hat trick of Gonzalo Higuain and an interactive calendar of all games, teams.

In the meantime the competition on the Best Soccer Fan Sweepstakes is heating on as well. US fans still lead but Brazil and German fans are following closely. England and Argentina are on the fourth and fifth place respectively currently. Spread the word out with your friends and country man to increase your chances of putting your country on top and enjoying extra savings on all calls made to that country for the whole month of August. 




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