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December 30, 2009

New models and new features available for TEL3 Apps

We have recently updated our TEL3Dialer app for iPhone with new features that allow you to sync your speed dial list with your phone and set up alternative access numbers.

We've also updated our SmartPlug compatibility list to include more BlackBerry models. So if your BlackBerry phone was not compatible before, please check our compatibility list again. Also, in case you have changed your Blackberry we support many other phone models. Click here to see our updated list.

Already have a TEL3App on your phone?

If you're using TEL3Dialer for iPhone
Visit the Apple App Store (via iTunes or your iPhone) to update the TEL3Dialer application.

If you're using SmartPlug for BlackBerry
Click on the TEL3 SmartPlug settings icon, then select the update button.

BlackBerry users please note: The most current version supported is OS v.4.7.

Are you new to TEL3Apps?

  1. Simply visit Tel3Apps page,
  2. Click on "Download TEL3 apps" and select your phone type (iPhone or CellPhone)
  3. Check phone compatibility and download.

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