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November 06, 2009

Now you can sync your SpeedDial list with your iPhone

Tel3Dialer's new version 1.2 is here! There are couple of exciting new features added that we believe is going to help you a lot;

  • Setting up alternative Access Numbers: This was one of the most requested feature and it is now available. You can set up your access number either as a Local Access Number or Toll Free and also change your location based on where you are making the call from. As always, there are no rate differences when using any access number from this App; you set it up once and start dialing directly while enjoying the savings.
  • Sync option for Speed Dial lists with iPhone: You've asked and we've listened. We know that many of you have hundreds of people on your contact list and would love to have a kind of "favorites" list on your iPhone just for your international calls that you can easily dial to. You can now use your existing Speed Dial list on your back office in TEL3 and sync it with your iPhone with a touch of a button. If you want to add more friends to your Speed Dial list, it is very easy, just login to your TEL3 account and save your changes. You can again sync your new list on the iPhone. This is yet another significant benefit for iPhone users.
  • Pin dialing: This is also handy if you don't want to go to your TEL3 page to update your instant access number. Now you can add your account number and pin directly on the Tel3Dialer App and the App will do the rest as usual.
The Tel3Dialer App is free and now version 1.2 is available on iTunes for you to download.


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