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TEL3 Dialer App for iPhone Users

IphoneWe are proud to introduce the new TEL3Dialer App for iPhone users. This Free application will allow you to make your international calls directly from your iPhone conveniently.

All you need to do is click on the App Store image and download the free TEL3Dialer App through iTunes App Store. Once you complete downloading, you will be ready to make your international calls by selecting the destination number from your iPhone's address book. No need to dial local or Toll Free access numbers or PIN. Best of all: Your calls will still be connected through TEL3 platform and you will be paying the cheapest rates with he most convenient way. This is the best combination to place long distance calls that you've been waiting for!         

 Is your phone bill still too high because you do not have a TEL3 account? Visit sign up for a TEL3 account; enjoy all the functionalities of your iPhone and savings with TEL3.

We take great pride in our continuous leadership in technology and impeccable service for our valued customers.

For additional information about TEL3Dialer App please visit:


TEL3Advantage is a BBB Accredited Business

bbbCustomer service has always been our top priority . We continuously strive to provide our customers with the best service, best connection and best rates; as a result of this our Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB) is an A+. BBB states on their website:

Company Rating A+

Our Opinion of what this rating means:

"An exemplary rating. This means that nothing in our files causes us to have any doubt about the company's reliability"

The BBB"s goal is to foster a fair and effective marketplace, so that buyers and sellers can trust each other. The BBB gathers and reports information on business reliability, alerts the public to frauds against consumers and businesses, provides information on ethical practices, and acts as a mutually trusted intermediaries between consumers and businesses to resolve disputes. An A+ rating is a commendable rating, there is no higher rating and no other prepaid long distance phone service provider in the market that can compete with this or our excellent customer service.