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TEL3Business Referral Program

We are pleased to announce our latest offering, the TEL3 Business Referral Program. We would like to give our existing customers an opportunity to refer any business and receive up to $100 credit on their TEL3Advantage account. Yes, you heard right! From now on, any time you refer a business that signs up to the TEL3Business Plan you will receive 10% of their sign up amount. Plus, any business you refer will also receive a 20% discount off their first month's usage.

Have your own business?

Great! Why not start by referring your own business to the TEL3business Plan. You can get up to a $100 credit on your personal TEL3 account and your own business will start saving up to 80% on all International long distance calls.

Ready to get started?

It's simple, just click below to start providing the business of your choice with the best International calling solution available. Once there, you can refer businesses or just learn more about the exciting TEL3Business plan

                                              Click here to start referring today!

Earn up to $100 credit in your TEL3Advantage prepaid account whenever a referred business signs up to the TEL3Business Plan. Please note: You must be a current customer of a TEL3Advantage plan to take advantage of this offer.


Introducing TEL3Business

Riskbenefits_2 At TEL3Advantage we have been pioneers in the prepaid solutions business for more than a decade and now are very happy to introduce a dedicated solution specifically for businesses. Our innovative business strategies are what make us the customers' top choice in prepaid communications.

The TEL3Business plan is an all in one solution tailored to meet business international calling needs with savings of up to 80%. Businesses will be able to benefit from this new plan not only with our lower rates, but also by providing complete control and management over budgets, accounts, and spending all of this without any investment or any risk while enjoying the premium quality service.


While developing this solution, we kept your business needs in mind! There are three things any decision maker takes into consideration: Cost, Effort and Risk! Our solution satisfies all these concerns by providing your company with up to 80% savings compared to T-Mobile, AT&T or other providers, by enabling you to setup the system in minutes with no investment and no risk thanks to our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The TEL3business Plan combines the best of three worlds by giving you the quality of your traditional phone service and flexibility of your cell phone provider with the inexpensive rates of prepaid phone cards. This unique plan was created for businesses who value simplicity and convenience.


How it Works   

TEL3Business is all about three main components

Howitworks_5 There is no risk involved since you do not need to make any investment (no need to purchase any hardware or software) and there are no commitments! In fact you do not need to change your carrier or your existing structure; set up is done within minutes!

1. You will get a web-based administrative dashboard to create new accounts, assign   users. With it, you can set monthly limits for each of your departments/users and monitor your weekly/monthly budgets. Once you setup the accounts and limits, you are done, no need to have any Internet connection or any other equipment to start making calls!

2. We provide you with a free application to download on your existing cell phones. With it you can make direct calls via your TEL3Business account. No need for the hassle of dialing Pin numbers, and no need to worry about paying for expensive long distance bills.

3. For extra convenience you will have access to all usage and call history details by each user or each department, and be able to export your call history records to spreadsheets

Learn more about the TEL3Business plan by clicking here.


New Rate Decreases

At TEL3Advantage, it is our duty to always provide our customers with both quality service and low long distance rates. We strive to provide our customers with the lowest international rates available. Listed below are TEL3Advantage's new lower rates to the following regions.



TEL3 Advantage End of Summer Promotion

Summer_end_promo To celebrate the ending of the summer season new customers who sign up between August 15th- 25th will receive “Double the Free Minutes”. TEL3 Advantage would like to wish all our customer's a safe and happy summer. What better way to help you celebrate the end of summer than by offering you double minutes on sign up. Don’t wait, please check out our website for more details.

$10 $2 Free Minutes
$25 $10 Free Minutes
$50 $14 Free Minutes
$100 $18 Free Minutes


Convenient Calling Features

Instant_access At TEL3Advantage we realize that your time is very valuable, Convenience is one of our greatest benefits that's why we offer an array of special features to make long distance calling as effortless and affordable as possible.

Pin free dialing is one of the many convenient options that TEL3Advantage offers you. We know entering pins and account numbers can be time consuming, therefore we provide you with the Instant Access feature. This feature allows you to register the origination numbers onto your TEL3Advantage account as an Instant Access number; such as your home phone, cell phone or any other phone numbers you would like to use your TEL3Advantage account from. Whenever you make a call from one of these numbers our system recognizes the number with our ANI-recognition (Caller-ID) technology, so you simply dial the number you wish to call and never have to enter your PIN or ACCOUNT number.

By registering the destination numbers onto your TEL3Advantage account's speed dial list you can call the people you call the most by simply entering the 2 digits...

You can program up to 10 Instant Access numbers and register 99 Speed Dial numbers via the web or thru customer service at 1-800-482-4459.

Calling people with your TEL3Advantage account has never been easier than with TEL3Advantage Smart Plug... It is a free service which enables Smartphone users to place calls directly from their mobile address book or memory, seamlessly connecting calls through TEL3Advantage's service. To learn more about the Smart Plug software, please click here.