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Convenient Recharge Solutions

Usefultips At TEL3Advantage it is our biggest goal to give multiple convenient solutions to you for your long distance needs. Our innovative business strategies and advanced technologies are what make us the customers' top choice in prepaid communications.

Having multiple recharge options is one of the many benefits the TEL3Advantage provides you. We know how irritating it can be to be interrupted in the middle of an important phone call due to low balance and how convenient it is for you to be able to manage your expenses. Therefore we provide you with the ability to change account's automatic recharge status "ON" in your back office, you will allow your account to automatically recharge your credit card when the account balance reaches below $3.00 without being disconnected from the call. However if you want to turn the option "OFF" you may do this instantaneously through your "Customer Account Login". Furthermore you will have the option to recharge your account on-line using the PayPal payment method again through your "Customer Account Login"

***Please note the PayPal e-check payments take 3-10 days to process


Save even more with TEL3Advantage!

Unlike other long distance providers, with TEL3Advantage there are no activation fees or monthly service charges. Our customers only pay for the minutes they use. TEL3Advantage provides the lowest rates for both local and international long distance calling. Listed below are TEL3Advantage's top 10 calling destinations and rates. Our competitive rates and continuous excellence in customer service are what keep us ahead of the competition.

Monthly Fees:

TEL3Advantage: No Monthly Fees!

Vonage: $24.99/month*

Skype:   $9.95/Month**

Top 10 countries Vonage Rate Skype Rate TEL3ADV rates
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro 3.8¢ 2.5¢
Dominican Republic 12¢ 10¢ 5.4¢
Germany - Berlin 2.4¢
Ghana 13¢ 17.6¢ 7.5¢
India 17¢ 10.6¢ 8.47¢
Mexico 12¢ 11.4¢
Nigeria Akure 11¢ 18.5¢
Pakistan 27¢ 16.4¢ 12¢
Ukraine 13¢ 15.4¢ 10.5¢
United Kingdom 2.4¢ 2.5¢

*Comparison of Vonage rates is based on their Premium Unlimited Residential plan and International rates as of 07/08.

**Comparison of Skype is based on their Unlimited World Plan and international rates as of 07/08