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Would you like to be our Lifetime Partner?

MoenyIf you like our service or you have not tried it yet but interested in promoting a cutting edge service, why not join our Tel3Advantage Agent Program?

The TEL3Advantage Agent program is an affiliate program to promote Tel3Advantage products. Anyone can become an agent and start earning residual income weekly by bringing customers. But remember, if you found us via an agent website or marketing effort, please do not forget to add/mention the promo code during the sign up so he/she can get credit along with you. 

The program is designed in the best interest of our agents and it is a ready-to-go money making opportunity for enthusiastic people. You can start selling immediately with no down time or personal investment.

When you become a TEL3Advantage Agent you automatically get the benefits of the best compensation plan on the market.

  • Get paid on the first sign up and every recharge going forward for the life of an account. For a $25 sign up of your customer, you may earn $10 immediately, and start earning $2.5 on each $25 recharge. Please note that in order to start collecting money there are some thresholds such as you need to be eligible for minimum $50 worth of commission.

  • Join the program for FREE, no investment!

  • Multi level payout- Get paid from the commission of the agents that you bring in.

  • Manage your online campaigns with our unique campaign tracker module to increase your return. Online marketing is hot and if you are enthusiastic about joining a lucrative program, we are here to help you for any of your questions. You can reach us by calling our Agent Program Team at 1-800-330-6774, by emailing at or by reading our Agent blog.


New Local Access Numbers

Newsletterimages2 We would like to announce that over 350 new local access numbers have been added to our system. TEL3Advantage is continuously looking for ways to provide our customers with even greater services and now with even more coverage. Our dedication to our customers is what keeps us on top of the competition. Please visit out local access numbers page to search for the new numbers.

The new local access numbers added are for the following states:

• Washington, DC
• Arizona
• Florida
• Connecticut
• California
• Delaware
• Indiana
• Colorado
• Georgia
• Alabama
• Arkansas

For more information on new local access numbers please "click the link"


TEL3Advantage Newsletter

Newsletterbanner What's better than getting more for your money? Sign up for the TEL3Advantage Newsletter and be the first to receive information on our money- saving promotions. With our sign up promotions, recharge promotions and additional savings on certain calling destinations, you are sure to get more for less. If you would like to be notified of our new promotions, please click on "sign up today".


New Lower Rates

TEL3Advantage always strives to provide our customers with the lowest international rates available.Listed below are TEL3Advantage's new lower rates to the following destinations. Our competitive rates and continuous excellence in customer service are what keep us ahead of the competition.

Venezuela Mobile 12¢ per min
China Mobile 1.8¢ per min
Ethiopia 25¢ per min
Belgium Mobile 18¢ per min
Taiwan Mobile 6.4¢ per min
Colombia Barranquilla 3.0¢ per min
Greece 2.8¢ per min
South Africa Mobile 16.5¢ per min
Philippines 12.5¢ per min
Guyana Mobile 25¢ per min

To view a list of our complete rates click here


TEL3Advantage Mother's Day Promotion

Newsletterimages2 In honor of Mother's Day, new customers who sign up between May 5- May 14th will receive "Double the Free Minutes". TEL3Advantage would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day. What better way to celebrate this special day than by offering double the FREE minutes on sign up. Here's your chance to call that special lady, and now with TEL3Advantage you can talk longer and for free - all you have to do is sign up now. Don't wait, please check our website for more information.