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Helping Customers

Istock_000004332204small_3 Customer Service is our top priority! That is why Tel3's technical staff is constantly looking at ways to better improve our network and offer a more seamless customer experience. Over the past few months we have implemented many updates. Some of which include, new monitoring and testing procedures, faster turnaround time and the iPlatform monitoring system. By monitoring our network in real time we can determine when and where a failure occurred. In many cases, we are able to notify technicians of a problem before our customers report the issue. This pro-active measure is one of the many features that sets us apart from our competitors.

Furthermore, one of the most important aspect is of course continuous learning within our team to give you a better service.

A few months ago we also introduced surveys to get direct feedback from our customers. Our surveys have been a great success in helping us deliver even more excellent customer service to our valued customers.


How to reach us – best practices

We know how important it is to for you to be able to communicate with your service company so we’d like to go over some of the best ways to reach us. Here are some of the best ways to contact us:

By E-Mail: This is the best option to provide us your suggestions, comments, questions or concerns about our service. All you have to do is to send an E-Mail to and we will get back to you within a day.

By Phone: You can speak to one of our highly trained customer service representatives, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 1.800.482.4459.

This option is the best for any technical issues, or to change your recharge status since we can help you immediately. As a side note, we would also like to point out that even though sometimes you may not call us to report a quality issue, our platform is aware and automatically generates a trouble ticket forwarding it to our service provider. Our system is unique to TEL3 and has helped decrease the turn-around time significantly for quality issues.

If you are a new visitor, and would like to sign up for the service or even if you just want more information, you can do so by calling.1.800.330.6897.

By Live Chat: This is another cool feature we introduced a couple of months ago. You can simply  chat with one of our representatives and ask any questions you have regarding our service. Just click on the live chat icon, located on the top-left side of our homepage. Please note that the live chat feature is only available during regular business hours

By Fax: 305.437.8152. This option is helpful if you want to send us any document for our review or information.

Last but not least, by Blog: This is very effective way to exchange ideas, inform you about our new special promotions and rate decreases while providing you with some insight about our service and developments.