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Announcing iPad Winner

Ipad gift

We are pleased to announce that the 2010 iPad Refer A Friend Sweepstakes Winner is Hanna Khouri from Florida. We would like to thank Hanna as well as everyone else who participated by referring their friends and family to TEL3Advantage.

Earning your trust is our most important goal, so be assured that we will continue working towards that.


Now TEL3Business is cheaper than ever!

The TEL3Business Plan was created for businesses who value simplicity and convenience.

Now TEL3Business is even cheaper than ever before!

Check out our new decreased rates and watch our short video to see how you can manage your company’s expenses without signing any contracts.

Download our Whitepaper or Call Us Now at 1-800-557-8403 to learn more!



Calculate Your Free Minutes & Talk Time

Have you ever wondered how many minutes you get (per destination) when you charge your account?

We get this question a lot, and so, we developed the “Minutes Calculator”; a new tool to help out both our new and existing customers convert their signup/recharge amount into minutes.

With this simple tool, you can calculate exactly how many minutes you get for the destination of your choice whether you’re recharging for $25 and calling Turkey or $100 and calling India. We even calculate the free minutes our new customers get once they sign up.

Want to get started?

Sure you do!

You can find our new Minutes Calculator in our rates page right now!


            Free Minutes Calculator 


$10 Free Talk Time from Tel3Advantage

Refer a friend We are glad to announce a new and exciting change to our Refer a Friend Program for Tel3Advantage customers. In order to incentivize both our existing customers who refer and the people who are referred, we will now issue a $10 talk time credit to both of them upon signup.

Customers who wish to participate are assigned a unique link which they will be able to share through either personal e-mail or Social Media. Customers can now also use word of mouth by referring their friends and family using their own Tel3Advantage account number (which in most cases is their own phone number). The people being referred simply thype their friend's account number in the Referral Code section and our system automatically issues the credit. It's that simple.

             Refer a friend blog 

Log into your Online Account Manager today and see how easily you can start earning free talk time for your friends and yourself! Remember you also have the chace to win brand new iPad 16GB if you refer more friends during the month of December. Click here to learn more how you chances to win the iPad 16GB.



Share Tel3Advantage and Win iPad 16GB

Apple-ipad-tel3adv To make your holiday even happier, we will be giving away a brand new 16GB iPad in December. All you need to do is to share Tel3Advantage by referring your friends and family to sign up for Tel3Advantage. Once anyone you refer signs up, both you and that person will be entered in our monthly raffle to win the iPad 16GB.

How can you Refer friends to Tel3Advantage?

As simple as telling your friends to enter your account number (usually your phone number) in the Referral Code section during sign up.  

You can also use your online account manager to spread the word out to your friends:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on Refer a Friend
  3. Choose the method that works for you

                A. Enter one E-mail address at a time

                B. Import your email list by login in to your favorite E-mail provider

                C. Share on Facebook or Twitter

     4.  Review and follow up on all your referrals

All links and referral codes are tracked by Tel3Advantage's system so the more people you refer who join Tel3Advantage the more chances you'll have to win the iPad 16GB!


Introducing the New Online Account Manager

We made some changes to the Online Account Manager area. We hope you'd like it. 

The goal is to make the navigation, account management and monitoring simpler. We added couple tips (based on frequently asked questions) plus quick links to the most favorite features such as speed dial and manual recharge pages. 

Furthermore, we added the summary snapshot for your usage (last 30 days) in terms of minutes and spending on the call history page. 

One major change is the new alerts messages that you will see on top of each page (see below: Introducing the New Design). With these alerts Tel3Advantage customers will get custom offers and promotions right on their Online Account Manager, so we recommend you to check your online account from time to time. 

Tel3Advantage. Simplicity meets savings.



Oktoberfest offers tradition, new experiences

 On September 18, Munich's mayor Christian Ude will tap the first keg at this year's Oktoberfest, and the festivities will continue until October 3, according to the event's website.

Though the jovial celebration is an ancient tradition, it offers new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences for those who have never witnessed the event.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Munich-based Oktoberfest, and it's likely that the anniversary will inspire even more visitors to venture to the Deutschland for a taste of the experience.

Along with a wide variety of craft beers, guests are likely to sample hearty dishes such as schweinebraten (roast pork), haxn (pork Knuckle), reiberdatschi (potato pancakes) and weisswurst (a white sausage).

Travel expert Yvonne Salisbury recently offered those who are venturing to the jubilee a few tips, on the website She suggests settling on one tent for the evening, rather than hopping from one crowded pavilion to another, and arriving at your choice of venue at 4 p.m., because the doors are often shut at 6 p.m., according to the travel website.

Those who have family or friends living in Munich, but aren't able to make this year's festivities, could use a prepaid calling card to call Germany and get a first-hand account of the 200-year-old celebration.

2010 World Cup Best Soccer Fans Sweepstakes Winners

We watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup, enjoyed its excitements and supported our favorite teams passionately. After many mercilessly battles in between the teams, there was only one champion who took the steps surely and won the World Cup Champion title. There were many firsts in this World Cup as Spain won their first World Cub Championship.

As the world cup finals ended Tel3 Advantage finalized the "Best Soccer Fans"sweepstakes drawings and proud to announce 9 lucky winners who have been rewarded with $500 free talk time.

Untitled   Fernando Vila 
   Oscar H. Freiman
   Anne Glinsky
   Miguel Mendoza
   Chelsea Wang
   Saidou Ba
   Gregory Komm
   Myrtho Joseph
   Luz Shaw

We would like to congratulate and thank you for being part of Tel3 Advantage Family.

How can speed dial help you?

For many of us remembering the phone numbers is a hassle. It is no coincidence that we have problems with calling cards when making a call, because there are too many numbers to remember and enter to make one simple call. It is not just the remembering part, it is also the time and effort we spend on the phone just to start talking to our loved ones that makes us impatient. 

However there are couple simple solutions to that with Tel3Advantage plans which sets us apart from other regular calling cards. One of them is that you can register your frequently called numbers with Tel3Advantage and assign speed dial numbers to them. The next time you make a call to your friend, instead of entering 11 digit phone number all you do is enter speed dial number with a pound sign (e.g. 1#) and our platform will automatically call your pre-set destination number saving you time and effort.

Would you like to learn more about the speed dials and how to set them up in 10 seconds? Watch our short videos.  

Simplicity meets Savings.

  short videos about speed dial feature


Call your friends' phone in Germany and talk over 8 hrs for only $10.

Germany-flag With only 2 cents a minute rate, you can talk 500 minutes to call any land-line phone in Germany Berlin with Tel3 Advantage. Actually not only to Berlin, but to most of the major cities in Germany, you can directly call from any phone within US and Canada. For Stuttgart and Wiesbaden, the rate is even cheaper: 1.5 cents a minute. 

Unlike other calling card companies, there is no extra hidden fees or frustration due to entering so many numbers like account number, pin and destination number. Register your phone number once with Tel3, plus add your favorite frequently called numbers to your account, you are good to go! Put the access number as #3 in your speed dial list on your phone (so you never forget, tel3 refers to speed dial #3 on your phone), then you will be connected to our platform automatically and will be asked to enter your destination number. Again, just press '1#' and you will be connected to your loved one (we assume that your number 1 person on the speed dial list is your most frequently called number and even maybe your loved cousin in Germany :))

To make your life easier, you will hear a prompt before every one of your calls that tells you how many minutes you have left on your account. No surprises and frustrations after the fact.

It is the best time for Germans now to pursue the biggest dream every four years in the World Cup. Semi finals will be tough but it is what German engineers loves as always, accomplishing tough tasks. Remember by entering the 'Best Soccer Fans' sweepstakes you can have a chance to win free calling to Germany for the whole year (there will be nine lucky winners), or if Germany shows up on top of the sweepstakes voting, you will even get 10% extra credit for every minute you call any phone in Germany during August. Enjoy and good luck to 'die deutsche Nationalmannshaft'.